Let's Get Seedy: Pansy Planting 101

Team McFly Sep 15, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. "Choosing the Right Pansy Seeds for Your Garden"
    1. Starting Pansies From Seeds
    2. Soil Preparation
    3. Seed Sowing
    4. Seedling Care
    5. Transplanting

"Choosing the Right Pansy Seeds for Your Garden"


Starting Pansies From Seeds

Pansies have long been a favorite of gardeners due to their hardiness and vibrant blooms. They can be grown in beds or containers alike for added beauty and ease of maintenance.

Starting pansies from seeds is an ideal option for gardeners with limited space or who don't want to invest in expensive seedlings. But it can also prove challenging.

Soil Preparation

When starting pansies from seeds, it is essential to prepare the soil. It should be nutrient-rich, drain rapidly, and retain moisture - exactly what pansies require!

Pansies require a pH level that is favorable for them in order to reach their full potential and avoid nutrient deficiencies that lead to stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and root disease.

A soil test is an effective way to determine the ideal pH for pansies. Soil with a pH between 5.4 and 5.8 should be ideal for growing pansies.

Soils with a pH lower than 4.8 may have an iron and other nutrient shortage, leading to flowers being choked out and their leaves becoming stunted or yellowing.

For optimal results, incorporate ericaceous compost into the top six inches of soil before planting pansies. This compost is composed of organic materials which will provide them with vital nutrients.


Seed Sowing

Pansies have long been a beloved garden flower, offering gardeners an array of colors and patterns. Pansies, relatives of the viola, can survive in cold climates and thrive in both fall and spring gardens. However, for optimal bloom time, pansies must be planted early in the season.

Starting pansies from seeds is a cost-effective way to add some vibrant flair to your landscape. Just remember that these plants require patience as they may take several months to bloom.

Seed your seeds approximately 10 weeks before the last anticipated spring frost date, to give your plants time to become dormant and germinate in early spring.

pansies seeds

Seedling Care

Pansies thrive in rich, moist soil. For optimal results, amend the soil with manure, peat moss or a commercial 5-10-5 fertilizer and thoroughly till in any coarse materials.

If your area experiences cold winters, consider starting your pansies outdoors in a protected garden bed in June or July. They will flourish and rebloom beautifully come spring.

Once your plants reach a height of 6 inches, you can finally plant them in the ground. Space them 6 to 12 inches apart for optimal success.

Once your seedlings are well-established, water them several times a week with approximately an inch of water. Never allow the soil to become completely dry as this encourages pests and diseases that could easily harm or even kill your plants.

Utilizing a heating mat under your seed starting trays can promote faster growth and healthier seeds. You could even place the mat in a window that receives ample light to aid in germinating your seedlings.

seeding in containers


Pansies add a splash of vibrant color to gardens, whether they're grown in beds, borders, containers or window boxes. If you're partial to pansies, why not start them from seed for even greater variety than what can be found at local nurseries?

Start your seeds indoors in small trays filled with potting soil or seed-starting medium. Keep these trays in a dark place until your seeds germinate. If you don't have access to an adequate dark place, black plastic over the seed tray (but not touching the soil) may work.

Your pansies will need to be transplanted into their permanent spot as they mature. This process, known as hardening off, should be done gradually so as not to overstress the plants.

Transplanting can be done at any time between late winter and early spring. However, if your area often experiences freezing temperatures, you may want to wait until temperatures rise above freezing before beginning this process.

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Table of Contents
  1. "Choosing the Right Pansy Seeds for Your Garden"
    1. Starting Pansies From Seeds
    2. Soil Preparation
    3. Seed Sowing
    4. Seedling Care
    5. Transplanting