The Non-Starting Mower: A Handy Fix-It Guide

Team McFly Sep 06, 2023
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Lawn Mower Troubles? Get Back on Track


Is your lawnmower proving difficult to start? We've got you covered, so don't worry! We'll walk you through the procedures required to start a lawn mower that won't start in this troubleshooting article.

These simple steps will make it possible for you to identify the problem and resolve it, restoring your dependable mower to operation whether you are an experienced lawn care enthusiast or a novice.

The How to Start a Lawn Mower That Won't Start Troubleshooting Guide

If your lawnmower is being finicky and won't start, don't freak out. To find the issue and apply the proper fix, go to this troubleshooting manual.

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1. Verify your Fuel Level

An empty gasoline tank is one of the most frequent causes of lawnmowers not starting. Before attempting to start your mower, be sure that there is enough petrol in the tank.

2. Examine your Fuel Filter

The mower might not start if the fuel filter becomes clogged because it will restrict fuel from getting to the engine. Identify the gasoline filter and inspect it for obstructions. If so, clean it or swap it out as needed.

3. Inspect The Ignition Plug

Your lawn mower may be difficult to start if the ignition process is hampered by a bad spark plug. Check the spark plug for wear or damage after removing it. Replace or clean the spark plug as necessary.

4. Verify Your Air Filter

The combustion process may be hampered by a filthy or clogged air filter that restricts airflow to the engine. If the air filter is dirty, take it out and clean or replace it.

5. Look Over The Carburetor

When combining fuel and air for combustion, the carburetor is an essential component. The engine may not start if the carburetor is clogged or broken. If necessary, clean or fix the carburetor to ensure proper operation.

6. Check the Security Features

Many lawnmowers have safety measures like a dead man's switch or a lever to control the blade. The mower won't start unless these safety features are properly activated.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some typical queries regarding how to start a lawn mower that won't start:

1. My lawn mower has fuel, so why won't it start?

Even if your lawn mower has fuel, it might not start due to other problems including a dirty carburetor, a malfunctioning spark plug, or a blocked fuel filter. For assistance in locating and fixing these issues, refer to the troubleshooting guide.

2. How frequently should the spark plug be cleaned or changed?

According to the manufacturer's recommendations, the spark plug should be cleaned or replaced once a year or after 25 hours of use. Optimal performance is ensured by routine maintenance.

3. Can a clogged air filter make it impossible for a lawn mower to start?

Yes, a dirty or clogged air filter may limit airflow to the engine and make it challenging to start the mower. For the engine to operate properly, the air filter must be regularly cleaned or replaced.

4. What can I do if troubleshooting doesn't help the lawn mower start?

It is advised to consult a qualified technician or bring your lawn mower to a reputed service center for additional inspection and repair if your lawn mower still won't start after trying the troubleshooting methods.

5. How can I stop future starting problems?

Maintain your lawn mower on a regular basis to avoid starting problems. As advised by the manufacturer, clean or replace the fuel filter, spark plug, and air filter. Additionally, store the mower in a dry location and use fresh gasoline.

6. Why is it crucial to activate the mower's safety measures before starting it?

To avoid accidents and maintain operator safety, it's essential to activate the safety features on your lawn mower. The switch on the dead man and the lever on the blade control serves to reduce the possibility of accidents while operating.


It need not be frustrating to try to start a lawn mower that won't start. This troubleshooting manual will help you identify and resolve typical problems that are keeping your lawnmower from starting. Don't forget to check the gasoline level, the air and fuel filters, the carburetor, the spark plug, and the safety features.

Consult a specialist if issues continue. Your lawn mower will be operational and prepared to take on your green problems in no time with a little maintenance and troubleshooting knowledge!

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