8 Best Lawn Sprinklers for 2024 : Reviewed

Team McFly Jan 01, 2024
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Best Sprinklers for Your Lawn and Garden

Sprinklers are available in several styles and can water a growing lawn.

The greatest sprinklers have been examined to assist you in locating a device that can nourish your grass throughout the year. These products are available at home improvement stores, local home centers, and internet merchants like Amazon.

The Difference Between an Oscillator Sprinkler and a Regular Sprinkler

The main difference between an oscillator sprinkler and a regular one is the amount of water flow it requires. An oscillator sprinkler can cover up to 6,360 square feet, and its head is made of heavy-duty brass for durability and long-term performance. It also has a built-in mesh filter to prevent debris from entering the system.

Oscillating sprinklers are ideal for watering lawns and vegetable beds because they adjust to the width and length of your lawn, thus allowing you to control the area you are watering. They are also ideal for watering new grass seed, as the gentle spray pattern prevents it from being dislodged during germination.

The Melnor 65048-AMZ Oscillating Sprinkler is a great example of a low-priced oscillator sprinkler. It has 20-precision nozzles and a two-way adjustable range to customize its coverage area to your liking. This sprinkler is the best option for those who want to water a small rectangular area without spending a fortune.

However, it does not have high reliability ratings. However, it is a great option for lawns with thick Bermuda grass turf. Besides this, it has a compact, sturdy design.

The main difference between an oscillator sprinkler and a regular sprinkler is the amount of coverage area. Oscillating sprinklers can water large areas, while regular sprinklers are best for small gardens and lawns. Choosing the right oscillating sprinkler depends on several factors, including the lawn size, the type of lawn, the water pressure needed, and the amount of water available.

Check out Our Picks on the Best Sprinklers on The Market Today!

Nelson 1865 Rain Train Tractor -Die Cast Metal

nelson rain tractor

The Nelson ‘Rain Train’ is a traveling yard sprinkler in the form of a miniature tractor. It can effectively irrigate up to 13,500 square feet of grass and plants and has a varied throw mechanism that can be adjusted to different arcs and patterns. Simply lay out your hose on a route and lay the Rain Train on the ground, and it will chug happily along while doing its thing.

What’s great is that the auto water sprinkler requires zero complex installation or tools. A shut-off ramp can be placed at the end of the hose to stop operation.

Good design and auto-shutoff function
No installation needed


Effective performance only maxes out at 11,900 square feet

Our Verdict:

The perfect solution for the lazy gardener. The Nelson 1865 is a miniature tractor sprinkler that can irrigate up to 13,500 square feet of grass and plants. It has a varied throw mechanism that can be adjusted to different arcs and patterns, plus it just chugs away happily while doing its thing.

Raigro Lawn Sprinkler with Metal Head

360 Degree Pulsating Garden Sprinkler

raigro lawn sprinkler

This simple-looking water sprinkler for lawn sits atop the ground and dispenses life-giving water all around. The 360-degree spraying mechanism covers up to 85 feet in diameter; you can set it down to a partial circle depending on your needs.

The Raigro Lawn Sprinkler is compatible with virtually all landscapes and standard hose threads. You can even set it up in multiple series if you want to cover a greater area. Regarding durability, you can expect the Raigro Lawn Sprinkler to last a long time, thanks to the featured TPR rubber on the base and a metal-head sprinkler that resists rust. The build is rugged and meant to take a beating.


Highly durable
Can cover a whole 85 feet area with a 360-degree range

Requires manual shutoff

Our Verdict:

Raigro Lawn Sprinkler Spike with Metal Head is an easy-to-install, 360-degree pulsating sprinkler. With a working distance of up to 85 feet and an adjustable spraying area, it is a reliable choice for watering your lawn. The spike's metal head can be adjusted to an angle that best suits your lawn's needs.

Melnor 65131AMZ Mini Oscillator Sprinkler Bundle

melnor 65003 sprinkler

Don’t be fooled by the Melnor Mini Oscillator Sprinkler’s size- although it packs a tiny footprint, the sprinkler can achieve full-size coverage of up to 4,000 square feet.

It’s versatile because you can adjust the water flow four ways depending on where you want it to go. Width, the strength of the flow, and range can be set with one or two pulls. If a single unit is not enough, you can easily set up multiple sprinklers of the same via the flo-thru base mechanism.

Installation is a matter of connecting the adapter to the hose connector. Melnor’s oscillator lawn sprinkler works even with well water.


Dirt-Resistant Drive works with tap or well water
Precision adjustment helps prevent water waste


Plastic can heat up in the afternoon sun

Our Verdict:

This is a highly effective sprinkler that has the ability to water precisely where it is needed. It's four-way adjustable for precision watering and a dirt-resistant drive, allowing for smooth operation with well water. The flow-thru base allows for unit-to-unit connection so multiple sprinklers can be set up throughout your yard. You can't beat the price of this sprinkler.

Martha Stewart MTS-CRSPR3 3-Arm Rotating Sprinkler

martha stewart sprinkler

Renowned garden expert Martha Stewart partnered with Aqua Joe to develop a rotating sprinkler that can handle any lawn. If you have a medium-sized garden or greens that need hydrating, the 3-Arm Rotating Sprinkler is a good choice.

The sprinkler houses an innovative 360-degree twirling action mechanism that dispenses water sprays evenly and in any direction. The throw is at a respectable 34 feet, so you can set it down the middle and not worry about burnt or brown patches. Green and gray are a nice color combination and the sprinkler model accommodates standard garden hoses for added convenience.


  • The impact-resistant and rugged base for stability

  • Dispenses water evenly at 34 feet

  • Great Price


  • Tends to wear out sooner than other sprinklers

Our Verdict

The Martha Stewart MTS-CRSPR3 3-Arm Rotating Sprinkler is the best way to make your landscape a more beautiful, water-wise garden. With its durable and impact-resistant base, it is perfect for small to medium size lawns or gardens and will leave you with an even watering distribution up to 34 ft in any direction.

Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

melnor 65074 sprinkler

Melnor has produced a superb oscillating sprinkler specifically to cover grass watering in wide areas. The XT Turbo is capable of nourishing grass and plants up to a maximum of 4,500 square feet, with no gaps or dry spots.

The sprinkler houses Infinity Drive technology for smooth operation and extended life. The 20 precision nozzles can be controlled via twin touch adjustment, which means you can set it to water a flower bed or its surrounding area in just a minute or two.


Covers a large lawn area
Quiet operation


QuickConnect End Connector is sold separately

Our Verdict:

Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler is a sprinkler for all types of lawns and gardens made for homeowners. It has 20 precision rubber nozzles to provide maximum coverage of a large lawn up to 4,500 sq. ft.

Gardening Drop - Sprinkler Metal AR 12

garden drop sprinkler

Gardening Drop’s sprinkler is fairly straightforward- just stick the watering device into the ground, attach a compatible hose, and turn on the faucet, and voila! You can now irrigate your garden, vegetables, or lawn without having to go out and do it yourself.

The product has a nice 360-degree rotating action and can reach up to 6 meters, or roughly 20 feet radius. As for the material, you get a steel tip and plastic base, with super-sealed outlets to prevent unwanted leaks. The metal component is highly durable and can serve you for many years.


  • Easy installation

  • Ground spike component is good for stability


  • May not work well with bigger gardens

Our Verdict:
Garden Sprinkler Metal AR 12 is an irrigation system that is easy to install and can reach a radius of 19.68 ft/6 meters. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum metal, which makes it perfect for watering vegetables, and gardens and playing with children and animals. The sprinkler has two outputs and rotates 360°, reaching all parts of the garden with uniform irrigation.

Orbit 58308Z Brass Impact Sprinkler on Tripod

orbit tripod sprinkler

The Orbit 58308Z may look unusual due to its tripod setup, but this gives it the added benefit of staying off the ground and not being as vulnerable as those installed on the ground. The water sprinkler is designed to spray effective amounts of water in a 90 feet diameter.

As for customizability, the 58308Z has plenty to offer. Coverage can be set from partial to full-radius spray, and the diffuser screw and deflector shield can alter both spray distance and stream. You can extend the tripod base anywhere between 25 to 48 inches too.

  • Pros:

  • The flow-through design resists clogs

  • The tripod base is stable and adjustable


  • You won’t be able to irrigate the lawn directly below it

Our Verdict:

Orbit 58308Z Brass Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add safety, beauty, and value to their property. With its adjustable coverage, heavy-duty brass construction, stable base, and an anti-back splash arm covering up to 6300 square feet of space it's a smart investment.

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforce Motion-Activated Sprinkler

orbit 62100 sprinkler

A motion-activated sprinkler that can serve two functions- water your lawn or garden and keep away unwanted critters and pests. It acts as a deterrent 24/7 and has the technology to conserve water and battery life. A spike serves as your grounding setup, along with intelligent sensing and adjustable coverage.


  • More functions than a regular sprinkler

  • Heavy duty construction


  • The night sensor sometimes doesn’t work

Our Verdict:

Orbit Yard Enforcer is the ultimate sprinkler for homeowners looking to control where their water goes and save money on their water bills. The gentle spray of water from Orbit Yard Enforcer will keep animals away from flowers, shrubs, turf, and trees by discouraging them with a harmless mist that blows in all directions.

Orbit Yard Enforcer's motion-activated sprinkler will only turn on when something triggers the device, which conserves battery life and can be set to day or night mode. This heavy-duty yard protector features an adjustable brass nozzle that can cover anywhere from an entire 360° area all the way down to a partial section, so you have total control of where your sprinkler sprays.

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Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.